A shit post – A post about shit…

To publish this piece, I took to wordpress. It’s a piece of fluff, but it started the ‘writing’ thing, which would later sprout into something productive (I guess)


Went to see Gaurdians Vol 2 at PVR’s 352nd location in Hyderabad. Was hungry as fuck. Got myself a regular tub of caramel popcorn costing ₹240 and a regular coke(not supposed to say that I drank it as people are protesting against the brand for taking too much of water. But I don’t care), which again was a good ₹200.

They played lots of commercials, (PVR, duh) trust me, 20 minutes and there were 5-6 government ones. Out of those, one caught my attention really tight, not because of the bad acting, dubbing, horrible camera quality it had but because of it’s purpose.

“Ab wakth hain ghar mein souchalay banwane ka”

which translates to

 It’s time to get toilet constructed in home”

What the fuck?

Seriously, guys?

Two things struck me the moment these lines hit my eardrums.

– Wasn’t it funny that we uninstalled Snapchat, when its CEO termed India- poor?

Hey guys! I’m pretty sure you remember the time, not-so-long-ago, when the interview of snapchat’s CEO which he gave back in 2015 was spreading like wildfire through out the country. We were fucking offended as he called our country poor. And the air was filled with these replies..

How dare he to call our country poor?”

“We have the richest heritage in the world”

“India’s history is greatest”

“Our Thirupathi temple is richer than all the temples in world combined together”

And many more

But, his point was about the investments by advertisers, who certainly didn’t see a revenue opportunity in the ountry back then. Why the hell would he give two shits about our country’s history or temples when all he wants is pretty people flaunting their rich asses on smartphones. All our emotion-backed replies regarding our history and heritage are out of context and this was not where we should use them as a defence. 

Anyway, we avenged India’s economical standpoint by rating it down on app stores and posting the screenshots on Instagram. That’s the spirit of vengeance. Poor Snapdeal, by the way.

Did you get the point I’m trying to make, sorry if you didn’t, my limited writing skills are the ones to be blamed. 

The point this public service announcement made was that there are hell lot of places where people don’t have a clean and hygienic place to take a shit, yet, we get offended when a American-French businessman calls us poor. Why the fuck should we get offended in the first place? Lets just accept the truth and move towards development (which we as individuals definitely won’t as no one has the time, you see.)

And the next one.

2 – What’s the fucking point in showing this announcement in a multiplex full of people who can spend ₹500 just for fucking soft-drink and a small tub of popcorn?

Seriously! I was filled with exasperated farrago of emotions(Shri Shashi Tharoor ji) when I first saw this ad. The intial couple of informative ads about cyber crime, how people get cheated online in the names of banks, online shopping etc. Those are relevent to the crowd sitting in front of the screen. So I have no complaints with those cyber ads. Infact they should be appreciated. Another side of the truth is that many in the country do not have their own toilets. The people sitting in that auditorium do not belong to that category, so what’s the point?. This film, especially to the bunch of people it is playing before, is unnecessary, while the targetted demography is taking a shit beside a railway track.

People were laughing through the ‘souchalay’ PSA. That’s how we take it, it was fun to see the guy in ad with terrible acting, it was never the purpose of the ad to those people, me included. It’s just that we don’t give a shit about it. If we do, give me a fitting reply and I will be more than happy to see a concerned citizen. I have no idea how to close this now but I believe when we put together all these points, snapchat, smartphones, popcorn, 3D glasses, multiplex, a house without toilet, Groot, Peter Quill, Offence etc. it is quite easy to pick the odd one out.

We need to understand what we are. It’s WE not YOU.

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