3 movies to cheer you up!

Movies have always been one of the pillars of the term ‘escapism’, probably the strongest pillar. For a couple of hours, movies transport you to a world where you don’t have to worry about your monday blues or EMIs. Here are 3 movies that made me feel better when I was blue. So now, I give out these titles to you. Having seen a ton of movies, it was slightly difficult to zero in on 3 movies but they are pretty decent ones with something for everyone. Let’s get started!

1 – Forrest Gump

“Run Forrest! Run!”

There doesn’t exist a single ‘list of feel good movies’ page on the internet which doesn’t include Forrest Gump in it. Such is the popularity and love this film has received over the years. And it deserves all of it. It chronicles the life of Forrest Gump. I use the word ‘chronicle’ because his life isn’t a simple one. It’s life. Just like ours, a lot happens in Forrest’s life. There is success, failure, death, grief, happiness, tears, tears of joy and everything else. Forrest is not a normal kid, he is different or say special. Over the course of the movie, he influences a lot of historical incidents without his knowledge. He loses two of his most loved people in his life, Mrs Gump, his mother and Jenny, his love. Forrest does a lot of things over the course of his life. He fights in the army, becomes a ping-pong champion, buys a shrimping boat, invests in ‘Apple Computers’, runs across the country for 3 years straight and what not! The beauty of the film lies in showing that life never stops. No matter how many times it sets you back, you gotta go with flow and by the end, everything will be fine. It is one of those movies that you will enjoy watching wholeheartedly. And that is the primary reason Forrest Gump is in this list. You’ll end up loving Tom Hanks if you already don’t! The most iconic line from the movie goes this way: My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”  It’s True!

2 – Wonder

The lovely Pullman family!

Wonder makes a very powerful statement. Each and everyone of us have scars in our lives. Those which are visible. And those which aren’t. While I wrote it down bluntly, this is subtly told throughout the movie. I thought the movie was about Auggie Pullman, a 10 year old born with a rare facial deformity. Auggie’s parents decide to enroll him in school after being home-schooled till then. Auggie has to face a lot since he ‘looks different’. Right when I thought it was about Auggie, the movies shifts gears and starts telling the story of Auggie’s teenage sister Via. Via is a perfect girl, what could be probably be wrong with her, we feel. And that is where Wonder stands out. It turns out to be a film about the whole family. How everyone are sad in one way or the other. The best thing about the film is that there are no bad people in it, everyone are just humans who have their own past and the movie acknowledges that fact beautifully. All the Star-Wars references are icing on the cake. This movie personally moved me and made me analyse my life and problems once. It isn’t a sob fest. You will have a huge smile on your face as the end credits roll.

3 – Inside Out

The emotions!

What does Pete Docter eat? How did he pull this off from his brain to paper to the screen? If there is a movie to which the term ‘Mind-Blowing’ applies, this is the movie, literally. Doesn’t matter what mood you are in before clicking on the play button, it cheers you up right from the very first scene with its brilliant imagination. More than the imagination, the way it connects to us in person is sheer brilliance. In this lovely movie, our emotions are given a shape and life. Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust are the main characters who live in Riley’s mind. They control her actions from the mind’s headquarters which has cool panel to control Riley. Riley being a 11 year old girl who just moved to a new place with her family, struggles to adjust with her new life. Due to some hilarious circumstances, Joy and Sadness are thrown out of the headquarters as Anger, Fear and Disgust take control of the 11 year old’s mind. While Joy and Sadness embark on an adventure through Riley’s mind to get back to the headquarters, imagine a little girl being controlled by Anger, Disgust and Fear. What could possibly go wrong? Everything! The strongest statement this movie makes is about the importance of sadness in our lives. Sadness is as important as happiness as we wouldn’t understand the value of these individual emotions without acknowledging the other. Pretty heavy for a kids movie? Nah, this isn’t just for kids. The reason this movie is a gem is due the fact it it makes us all feel one. Human. And yes, you might find a tear rolling down your chin as you smile at the end. It is one beautiful moment that has the power to cheer anyone up!

If you notice, all the 3 movies are about life and everything it offers. These 3 movies are my go-to when I’m down. They make me feel better every time. Hope they work for you as well!

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