A love letter to KGF

Where do I start? As I face my laptop to write about a movie I loved more than anything I watched in a very long time, I’m not sure where to begin. Because there are soo many things to love in KGF. If you see this movie on your laptop or your phone, close your eyes and randomly slide through the progress bar in the player. Pause. Take a screenshot and you can set this as the wallpaper for your laptop or mobile. Do I need to say more about how great the film looks? Also, would like to add that it is a bloody disgrace to have not seen it on the big screen, I think you missed something.

Its been months since I saw it on the, yet I keep humming the song that plays in the background as Rocky walks in slow motion single-handedly pulling the food cart towards the infamous white line. Dheeranaaa…Soooranaaa…Asuranaaaaaa…….if you sang these lines in your mind while reading, you know the point I’m trying to make. Welcome to the KGF fan club!

I’ll go one by one with the things I loved in this truly incredible movie and why it stands apart.

My favorite thing about KGF is its beautiful portrayal of the mother-son relationship. Never have I seen an Indian masala movie emphasize on the said relationship as much as KGF does. And KGF doesn’t feed it to you forcefully, it is connected to the flow of story extremely well that movie feels incomplete without those sequences. Shantamma, Rocky’s mother, makes him the man he is. Archana Jois plays the character so well that it’s going to be tough to see her play any other character in her later part of filmography without carrying the baggage of this character. There is a great dialogue that says that she had nothing to offer to her young son before she passes away except her words. And these words are what that shape Rocky’s character. She is with him almost all the time. Now, this is why KGF is different. It focuses on character development better than all the commercial movies. Yes – she is a one-dimensional character, but we get know her more than what we get to know about the protagonists in most of the movies. She is omnipresent. Her character is given space even in Dheera Dheera, a song that celebrates the machoism and bravery of our main man. Her lines sung by the haunting Ananya Bhatt, define the making of the brave man. There is a beautiful scene in the movie where the rooftop is leaking due to rain and Shantamma doesn’t want her son who is sleeping to get disturbed. What she does is simply beautiful. And the movie is filled with these beautiful moments. And hello, this isn’t a movie about a mother-son relationship, its a giant action movie on steroids but these moments are better than the ones which we see in meant-to-be family dramas. This is the first reason I loved KGF

This scene is recreated later in the movie with the mother and son interchanging their positions. Only difference, the mother is no more.
This scene, where she redefines bravery, comes in the final act, giving you goosebumps size of tennis balls.

Ravi Basrur, had never heard this musician’s name before I saw the movie. Little I knew that his songs would continuosly play on my phone for the coming months. I’ve always beleived music has the power to transport you to worlds and this man’s music does exactly that. It kept on reminding me of the world KGF built. Dheera Dheera is my go-to, when I’m down, happy, trying to cheer myself up, to escape, or just to listen some good music. It ticks all the boxes. And thank you Mr. Basrur for introducing me to Ananya Bhat. Haunting is the first word that strike me when I hear her voice. To me, she is the voice of Shantamma. She will always remain. Having seen the movie in Hindi, it shocked me when I found that Bhat has sung in all the 5 five languages the movie the had released. Trust me, I’ve heard her in al the five languages and her voice took my breath away. KGF has one of the greatest songs in the last decade. And its background score is only second in my all time favorites list. Does it matter whats in the first spot. I’ll split it out, ‘Heyssa’.

The background score is something to talk about, it makes the already spectacular scene awesometacular. Considering my poor vocabulary, I have no words to describe it.

All I say is, I can hear this image.

The hero has to kill the villain, we all have been fed since our childhood with this. KGF is no different But Prashant Neel, the writer, and director makes us wait for that moment for 50 minutes. Villain keeps on winning throughout the second half of the film. But this doesn’t mean our hero fails. You just gotta wait a bit more. A kid and his mother are killed. The hero does nothing. A crippled guy is killed. Yet, Rocky waits. Another innocent is killed. No reaction from Rocking. But finally, when THE moment comes, when Rocking holds the hammer with his dusted hands, you just wanna scream your lungs out. We know he’s gonna kick some ugly ass because we know Rocky very well. Now, this is the moment we all deserved. And Mr. Neel knows when to give it to. Had it been early in the film, it would have come across as one in tens of other action scenes the film has. The point lies in making us wait, making the hero look weak, letting the bad guy win. And when it happens, you know it happens. Thank you, Mr. Neel, for the anticipation, it serves the purpose well.

There’s heroism all over the movie but that’s not what made me love the movie, I loved it for not depending on how beautiful the movie is. It never wants to show off the beautiful sets it has, it never forces you to look at the amount the producers spent in building the sets. The background and the canvas just serve their purpose and let the characters take the center stage. For example, the Mumbai set, had it been any other movie, we would have got shots of these localities just so we could see the amount didn’t go in vain. But KGF doesn’t do that. It presents its character extremely well through the lens of Mr. Bhuvan Gowda. There are shots that are way better than ‘awesometacular’. They are out of the world. I can just take a screenshot and use it as my wallpaper. That is the level of awesomeness Mr. Gowda brings onboard. Just have a look yourselves. I’m attaching few of my favorite shots. It is not about the grandeur. You’ll know when you watch the movie.

Andrews and Shetty
The story.
This shot barely lasts 10 seconds
His arrival.

The point I’m trying to make is that KGF knows what it wants to be, although it overdoes a few things. That’s why it is different. KGF, despite having a huge canvas, guns and, bodies of bad guys flying, is essentially concerned about telling the story of a man and his rise. This is where KGF stands out. I absolutely loved it!

Thank you for reminding that you need to have good writing to make a good movie; or even for the mass moments to work. Thank you for the music. Thank you for those spectacular shots. Thank you for introducing me to the voice of Ananya Bhat.

Thanks to everyone who worked on this film, you all did a hell of a job. I want to see where Rocky goes now that he is done with Garuda.

Thank you, Prashanth Neel.

Love you, KGF.

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