Here are the five best films I saw this year. That raises the question, “How can you term these films as the best ones having not seen the rest?”
That’s because everything we say, write or express is our opinion. Since it would be odd to start every line with IMO, we give it a pass. That’s precisely what I’m doing here.

Please note that I’m not comparing any two films here. That being said, I’m a movie lover — not a critic. Hence, I don’t study a movie; I simply watch it. In other words, these are the five films which moved me, entertained me and gave me an experience I will remember for a very long time. Let me spoil this list for you. Gully Boy and Super Deluxe or not in the list. They feature in a hypothetical list named ‘Movies soo overrated that people lose their shit when someone calls them overrated.’

Keeping differences aside. Here it is,

5 – KESARI(Hindi)




If your reaction is one of these, you haven’t seen Kesari yet, or have a prefixed notion that masala movies suck. Yes. Many masala movies suck, they suck donkey balls. But Kesari does everything right which a masala movie should. We often overlook the craft involved in a crowd puller. And that’s a mistake.

Kesari, tells the story of 21 brave men fighting against 10,000 invaders. A fight which they know they cannot win.
But the movie wins in delivering what it should. It’s an epic action film with a beating heart that checks all the boxes to deliver a perfect masala movie. One hour of lavishly shot and made a battle sequence with tons of memorable moments. Isn’t that enough!

4 – ISHQ(Malayalam)

Ishq is the most personal film I’ve seen in recent times. It feels like the writer has been through what the characters go through in this little film.

While well-made films follow a proper structure, Ishq doesn’t.
The first 20 minutes of the film play out like a breezy romantic film. Things change after that. The premise is simple. The plot is wafer-thin. A couple on a road date(is it a thing?) are tormented and mentally tortured by a police guy for 40 minutes of the film, and then the protagonist takes revenge by doing the same.

The major chunk of the setting is just a road in the first half of the film and a home in the second half. It’s people talking to each other in the whole movie. But it gives you chills, makes you extremely uncomfortable at times in the first half and cheers you up in the latter part. Too many emotions for a film made on such a small scale and wafer-thin plot right? That’s the magic of good writing.

3 – KAVALUDAARI (Kannada)

Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery?

And Kavaludaari is a damn good murder mystery. Filled with puzzles, it keeps you guessing throughout its runtime.

Picture this. A traffic inspector finds bones that were buried 40 years ago. Now, he has to figure this out!
The way the writers play with the story, the possibilities, and the links is mind-boggling.
The lesser I say, the better your viewing experience!

2- JERSEY (Telugu)

I saw this movie on April 22nd.

As soon as I came out of the auditorium, I wanted to write a lot about the film and express everything I felt. But I couldn’t because I was heartbroken. The thought of this film made me sad. I feel soo sad for Arjun, the protagonist, that I couldn’t write about it till now. After more than three months.

Jersey is full of heart. As cricket plays a huge role in the movie, it’s easy to call it a sports movie. Observe. Cricket is just a medium for the protagonist to overcome his failures. This is not a movie about cricket. It’s about a man who dares everything to prove himself.

The father-son dynamic is the best thing about the film and does 100 times better than every other movie which aimed at showcasing this relationship.
It’s a journey that you won’t forget.

1 – VIRUS(Malayalam)

Brilliant. Thrilling. Moving. Scary. Inspiring.

Virus has got everything.

Based on real incidents, this medical thriller explores human emotions and behaviour to the fullest.
The tear-jerking moments work because we are humans and can feel these emotions ourselves. ‘Virus’ is the most humanistic film I’ve seen in a really long time.
With plenty of characters, there are plenty of emotions explored, giving a fair share of importance to each and every character.
The 4-minute sequence with opening credits could have been a great movie all by itself!

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