Interview: Arghadeep Barua, Actor – Aamis

Arghadeep Barua made a terrific acting debut with the unforgettable Assamese film, Aamis. In Aamis, he plays Sumon, a young research student studying meat eating habits in the North-Eastern region of India, who gets into a perplexing relationship with a married doctor. It’s an unusual love story unlike anything we’ve seen in Indian cinema. The texture and liveliness he gave to Sumon, is something that will haunt you long after finishing watching the film, such is the performance. As the film releases on November 22nd, I pinged him on Instagram if he would be open to an short Email interview for my little blog. Being the humble person he is, he agreed and here we have the interview!

Arghadeep Barua in Aamis

When did you start taking acting seriously? Is it something you always wanted to pursue?

I am primarily a musician, we have a band named Bottle Rockets India. So, to be honest, I never ever thought of becoming an actor. Have always wanted to be a storyteller but didn’t realize that acting can also be a medium through which we can tell stories.
Well, I got fascinated about acting only after Aamis. Living a character is really intriguing. To be someone else for a while, forgetting who you are is a really interesting form of art.

What was your state of mind during the process of shooting? I mean were there any instances when you felt the character was taking a toll on you personally?

It’s a beautiful question, a question that at times I ask myself too… so prior to the workshop, I was really not aware of the switch on and switch off effect… so during the last day of our workshop, I got too much into the character… and since I am not a method actor or a trained actor, I was trying make my own ways to get into the character. And at one point it was getting really difficult for me to get out of the character.

Which was the hardest scene for you to perform in Aamis and why?

Aah… two scenes primarily… and eventually those are the two scenes I gave the maximum number of takes..
First, the driving scene… as I am very bad driver… so I really had a hard time negotiating a speed breaker, and that really pissed off Bhaskar da(Bhaskar Hazarika, the director of Aamis).
Second would be the laugh out loud scene.

How did Aamis change you, as an actor and as a person?

It made me an actor.
As a person, aaah, it made explore and confront certain emotions that in my normal day to day life, I have not experienced earlier. Prior to the shooting, we were given a workshop by Seema Biswas mam and Daulat Vaid sir, in that we were made to do various exercises which pushed us to the extreme, where we break all our prejudices, and we formed a new self of our own. We were taught about the naava raasa.

Finally, how did it feel when you saw yourself on the big screen?

It’s a very surreal experience…I was shy when I saw myself for the first time…

With this, we come to the end of the interview and wish Arghadeep all the best for the film’s release

Aamis is releasing on November 22nd. You can book for screenings here –

Click here for my review. I gurantee you haven’t seen anything like it. Watch the trailer:

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