In Search of Kundun: Review | For The Love Of Scorsese And His Pictures

Published in Cinema Sentries.

When Martin Scorsese is the focal point of conversations between cinephiles, it is highly likely that the master’s gangster-films – which made him the filmmaking brand he is – permeate the circumference of the discussion. Agreed, Scorsese’s vision added a layer to the aforementioned genre, and his films have become the calibration standards to evaluate contemporary films falling under the gangster’s umbrella. Scorsese gained prominence among film enthusiasts, like myself, for his insanely popular mob dramas. Ranging from his Boxcar Bertha tohis latest The Irishman, his films carried an ethnographic through the characters, their accents, their ideologies, and the physical locations, to name a few. Scorsese’s ability to reflect a part of himself in his films, errr, pictures, has always complemented his brand of filmmaking. That’s what made him an auteur, I believed. However….continue reading here.

Martin Scorsese during the production of Kundun (Source: IMDB)

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