I’m No Longer Here: Heart Over Craft

Originally appeared on Film Inquiry

It takes time to latch on to the unhurried pace and breezy mood of I’m No Longer Here. It’s only after 30 minutes, we understand that the film is not in a hustle to throw characters into conflict. Instead, the screenplay allows us to grasp the beats of the culture, political landscape, and social standpoint of Monterrey, a Mexican city that plays a vital role in shaping character motivations. Akin to Jim Jarmusch’s Paterson, nothing happens on the surface. The emotions that generally catalyze a drama are kept grounded and subtle. As a result, it’s strenuous at times, especially in the initial half, to fathom what will continue to propel the narrative in a nearly 2-hour film. It is only after a point, we gradually surmise the film’s inclination towards the free-flowing narrative and subdued drama, as opposed to loud story-telling choices which dramas are habituated to… Continue reader here.

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