Babyteeth Movie Review: Melancholia and Merriment Go Hand-in-hand

Orginally appeared in Cinema Sentries

It’s been a while since I shed a tear while watching a movie. With Babyteeth, though, I shed more than a few tears, after a very long time, and the first time in a teen movie. Teen movies, as a genre, have become associated with cliches of late. There is no need to name them, throw a stone at the genre and it’s highly likely that you hit a cringe-ridden movie that either considers its concept the need of the hour or the plot has little gravity to hold the whole film. However, there have been fine films, over the years, with Lady Bird, Booksmart, and Call Me By Your Name, among othersforefronting the genre in recent years. When carefully observed, the aforementioned films are inclined towards coming-of-age and peel off cliches of teen movies. On these lines, Babyteeth, the new Australian Indie, is not just a progressive extension to the teenage troupe but is a landmark that could metamorphose into a leading light for filmmakers who wish to channel fervent emotions through young characters…continue reading here.

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