Athlete A: Moving Documentation of an Immense Tragedy and a Gargantuan Triumph

Originally appeared in Cinema Sentries.

The greatest achievement of any great documentary is that it can actually change lives. Indirectly, they can inspire and instigate a conversation about a particular subject matter, thereby holding the potential to alter viewer perceptions. In a direct sense, the best of the documentaries empower the humans whose story they are capturing on camera and give a voice to them. The Paradise Lost documentary trilogy by Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky and the Peter Jackson-produced West of Memphis cumulatively played a vital role in cleansing the public image of three wrongfully convicted teenagers in 1993’s triple homicide case. The aforementioned documentaries, which strongly opposed the judicial judgment, can be attributed in a way to the early release of the three men.

Documentaries are life. They tell real stories and have consequences in the real world. On these lines, Athlete A, is bound to change the life of Maggie Nichols…continue reading here.

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