EUFF 2020: SMUGGLING HENDRIX: Geopolitical Conflicts Make for an Amusing Dramedy

Originally appeared in Film Inquiry

To enjoy Smuggling Hendrix, a film that’s deeply rooted in the political tensions in Nicosia – the capital city of Cyprus – one doesn’t necessarily need to be abreast of the geopolitical conflicts surrounding the nation. The film’s smart writing by Marios Piperides, who directed his script, seamlessly feeds information to the viewer throughout the film, ensuring that by the end of it, the viewer will grasp the prevailing tensions in the city.

It’s not bland exposure, though. The opening scene of the film has a news channel reporting the current standpoint of Nicosia, the world’s largest divided capital where Greek and Turkish sectors are separated.


Yiannis (an effortless Adam Bousdoukos), a nugatory musician with little rigor and hefty debt, from the Greek sector of the city is all set to evade to the Netherlands in three days, we are told at the beginning of the movie. All seems to be on track until he goes on a casual walk accompanied by his dog Jimi (named after Jimi Hendrix, obviously) and as fate would have it, Jimi runs away into the Turkish sector – which the officials refer to as occupied territory, not otherwise. Yiannis manages to easily enter the other side and eventually finds Jimi.

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