Kriti Kharbanda for ’14 Phere’

Ever since her debut with the Telugu film, Boni, in 2009, Kriti Kharbanda has been juggling projects in multiple languages, and now is on her way to establishing a footing in Bollywood. The actor, who has appeared in over 28 films across four languages in a career spanning over a decade, says it took a while to fathom the profession’s coveted derivative: fame. “I was too young to understand what was happening around me when my first Kannada film, Chiru, got released in 2010. My mother and I were running a boutique back then, and we would casually go out. During one such family outing to a shopping mall, I remember being mobbed by a crowd. It was a strange experience,” she says, adding that when her next big blockbuster came in the form of Googly, co-starring Yash, public attention was easier to process. “Googly changed everything for me in the South; I went on to sign five massive projects. This time, I could comprehend the response. Social media had just begun to flourish, and it was a great tool to assess acceptance and reach.”

Read the full interview here.

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