Thoughts on Bulbbul: Turns the Fables Around

The word chudail (female demon) has an archive of its own in Indian pop-culture. Beyond novels and films, the folklore of a female supernatural entity that predominantly haunts men has penetrated into children’s stories as well. After all, Indian films, especially Tamil and Telugu language films, have metamorphosed the genre into wholesome entertainment, capitalizing our engrossment in fear and the nervous laughter that follows. Seldom do we … Continue reading Thoughts on Bulbbul: Turns the Fables Around

Five Telugu Films to Look Forward to Post Pandemic and Why

Full piece published in Film Companion As we continue to savor existing content on OTT platforms, it is certain that they cannot fill the void that the lack of new theatrical releases has created. Staying optimistic that the day cinephiles return to theatres is not a millennium away, here are five Telugu films that are worth crossing off calendar dates for. There are a ton … Continue reading Five Telugu Films to Look Forward to Post Pandemic and Why

Is the Snowpiercer Reboot Needed?

Set to premier on May 25th, Netflix & TNT dropped the trailer of their new show Snowpeircer, which is, if the name didn’t give it away, a reboot of the 2013 Bong Joon-Ho’s film of the same name, and is also based on the 1982 French graphic novel Le Transperceneige. Although the 2013’s film was also based on the graphic novel, it was purely the … Continue reading Is the Snowpiercer Reboot Needed?

Jersey, one year later…

Note: This piece is more about the film’s impact on me, and less about the film itself. A year ago, Jersey hit me like a truck. I wasn’t prepared for something like that. A light-hearted, sports-backed family drama is what I had expected. It is that movie, but with an exponentially higher effect, and hard-hitting than a conventional movie that falls under the aforementioned umbrella. … Continue reading Jersey, one year later…

Thoughts on Madha: A case of ‘could have been’

The title sequence of Madha is coated with spookiness and is dedicated to instilling fear in the viewer with the potent use of music and imagery. Suffused with eerie images and anxiety-inducing background score, the sequence succeeds in creating the ominous mood that film carries in totality. The film, though, lacks the inflection that’s apparent in its title sequence. The very first scene is set in what’s … Continue reading Thoughts on Madha: A case of ‘could have been’

Opinion: The problem with Karthick Naren’s Mafia

From an audience standpoint, Mafia is fun, but that’s not enough. It was supposed to be more than an engaging watch. Maybe- had any other filmmaker or a debutant made this film, it would have been labeled a fairly entertaining thriller with a promising voice to look out for, but considering Karthick Naren is associated with the film, it is an remarkably disappointing affair. This may be … Continue reading Opinion: The problem with Karthick Naren’s Mafia

31st January, 2020: A Truly EPIC Day For Indian Cinephiles

Some days are monumental when it comes to the films releasing on that date. December 20, 2019 was one such when The Rise of Skywalker and Cats locked horns at the global box-office. While the latter emerged the winner on both the critical and commercial fronts, it did give the indie original, TROS, a run for its money. And recently, January 17th, 2020 saw the Indian releases of Just Mercy, … Continue reading 31st January, 2020: A Truly EPIC Day For Indian Cinephiles

My issues with Bombshell

I have a firm belief. While reviewing documentaries and (authentic) films based on real-life events, our critique unknowingly becomes our outlook of the subject. I’ve learnt this from multiple cases. I’m unsure it is fair, though, it is quite easy to get carried away and impose personal opinions on the real-life matters. This singular reason makes it quite challenging to be objective towards such films … Continue reading My issues with Bombshell