The Futile Podcast #9 – Reading O. Henry’s Psyche and Pskyscrapper

In this episode, Ram and Sagar read O. Henry’s short-story, Psyche and Pskyscrapper. Published in July of 1912, the story is equally relevant today.

The other side of Bombay in Films The Futile Podcast

In this episode, Ram and Sagar discuss Portrayal of Bombay in different films, the representation of social strata, and few personal experiences associated with the city. Your earphones are fine. Don't worry, it's the audio. Podcast art picture: Parth Vyas

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The Futile Podcast #4: Representation of Police Brutality in Indian Cinema

Earlier this week, news broke out about the brutal custodial murder of a father and son in Thoothukudi, Tamil India, India. In a country that celebrates police in films, the line between heroism and police brutality blurs without our knowledge. Here is a brief discussion among three cinephiles who grew up watching cops kick asses of thugs. Does the heroism stand the same today? #JusticeforJayarajAndFenix UPDATE: The audio part at the beginning has been deleted due to recent occurring pertaining to singer Suchi’s video.