Here is where I brag and flaunt. Because who else would? So, if you wish to, you can look at my face and tweets.

With the man. The Baradwaj Rangan.
Mike Macahill. He was such a cool guy. Did I say he is the International critic of The Guardian.
National Award Winner. Vetrimaaran. Just Google him.
Rana aka Ballaladheva!
With Arghadeep Baruah, the lead of Aamis.
The terrific Lima Das, from Aamis.
Last month, we touched 25,000 views. Three cheers to all of us!
This is what Jérémy Clapin, French Filmmaker, who made ‘I Lost My Body’, said when I shared my piece with him. 10 days later, he read it! Made my day!
Filmmaker-Actor Adivi Sesh about my piece on Evaru.
This is where it began. Only after this, I started to write. When the writer-director of KGF praised my piece on the film.
We hit 50,000! Thanks!!!
This one’s new! Somehow, the personal essay on the Tamil feature ‘Hero’ went viral(atleast for my standards) after the film’s director P.S. Mitran and the lead Sivakarthikeyan (who apparently has 5.8 million followers) retweeted it.
The Ricky Gervais retweeted my piece on After Life!