Mirador: Captures the Ethos of Camaraderie

Full review published in Cinema Sentries. In Spanish, Mirador means “lookout.” The word has multiple connotations. Alertness, observation, prediction, or a person assigned to keep an eye on his surroundings. The last of the aforementioned undertones befit the documentary’s subject matter, that encircles three friends and the solidarity among them. The irony, though, is all of them are visually-impaired, meaning they can’t keep an eye on each … Continue reading Mirador: Captures the Ethos of Camaraderie

Tommaso: A Humanistic Drama That’s Devoid of the Drama

Published in Cinema Sentries. In 2007’s Mr. Bean’s Holiday, Willem Dafoe played Carson Clay, a filmmaker whose film ‘Playback Time’ premieres at Cannes. Tommaso, which also premiered at Cannes last year, reminded of the aforementioned film-within-film, only less absorbing and exponentially more pretentious. The film brings back Dafoe into an Abel Ferrara contemplation for the fifth time, with their last collaboration being Pasaloni (2014), a film that chronicles the life … Continue reading Tommaso: A Humanistic Drama That’s Devoid of the Drama

Five Telugu Films to Look Forward to Post Pandemic and Why

Full piece published in Film Companion As we continue to savor existing content on OTT platforms, it is certain that they cannot fill the void that the lack of new theatrical releases has created. Staying optimistic that the day cinephiles return to theatres is not a millennium away, here are five Telugu films that are worth crossing off calendar dates for. There are a ton … Continue reading Five Telugu Films to Look Forward to Post Pandemic and Why

In Search of Kundun: Review | For The Love Of Scorsese And His Pictures

Published in Cinema Sentries. When Martin Scorsese is the focal point of conversations between cinephiles, it is highly likely that the master’s gangster-films – which made him the filmmaking brand he is – permeate the circumference of the discussion. Agreed, Scorsese’s vision added a layer to the aforementioned genre, and his films have become the calibration standards to evaluate contemporary films falling under the gangster’s … Continue reading In Search of Kundun: Review | For The Love Of Scorsese And His Pictures

The Wolf House: Review

Published in Cinema Sentries. The Wolf House is 73 minutes of “Wow! How did they pull off?”. The startling stop-motion animation, which bestows ‘awe!’ after ‘awe!’ every minute is only one of the pillars that hold this astonishing form of story-telling. Masquerading as a propaganda film to cleanse the ill-reputation of Colonia Dignidad, an isolated community formed by German fugitive Paul Schäfer, there’s more to the … Continue reading The Wolf House: Review

Is the Snowpiercer Reboot Needed?

Set to premier on May 25th, Netflix & TNT dropped the trailer of their new show Snowpeircer, which is, if the name didn’t give it away, a reboot of the 2013 Bong Joon-Ho’s film of the same name, and is also based on the 1982 French graphic novel Le Transperceneige. Although the 2013’s film was also based on the graphic novel, it was purely the … Continue reading Is the Snowpiercer Reboot Needed?

The Letter to Cannes

A couple of months back, when staying at home was restricted to couch potatoes, I applied to ‘3 days at Cannes’ program. The biggest film festival in the universe – provided aliens haven’t discovered the magic called cinema – allowed commoners to experience the exhilaration for 3 days, and I couldn’t refrain myself from giving it a try. I mean, what kind of cinephile would … Continue reading The Letter to Cannes